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Holy sheep aka when I had a livejournal...

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This thing I mean livejournal wasn't THAT bad thing after all. Today, I'm checking my old email, 1392 unread messages...welll....crap...ans so I saw a notify from this and it was like 'oh wow, i do have an account there!' Yaay, that reminds'm playing World of Warcrack Warcraft, I've started around February and darn lost my life then xD at least till the summer break then I got a life again I had a beautiful summer in Crovatia and A MUSE concert and oh crap i have a ticket to Heineken Open'er Festival and Coldplayyyyy <3 Why I'm writing this because welll I was just reading this crap I' had written from a nearly year ago, my terrible english (well this thing doesn't change at all) but maybe next year this time I'll \read this and go lmao ;D Oh I've met a guy, al ot of them and this one...well who knows we will see...where was I...ah right, that's all just a quick note for myself to laugh after some time...I hate this biatch from history and I love NPH and 'How I met your mother!', just realized that I really like Tenacious D thanks to someone and the thing I almost forgot I still love but right now I have my little own....ROYAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! xd (where's the time a was true otaku anyway? ;<)


So why won't you just give up and die...

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I need to write my thoughts somewhere and since I doubt anyone is reading this and even if, no one gives a damn...Well then, it's winter brake, well actually it's already second week of it, one more to go and I’m going back to school but screw this! Right now I'm far away from the reality, from daily problems I'll be freaking out and panicking next weekend, right now, I'm carefree and…erm…lets say happy or maybe at least happier than when I have to deal with school and some annoying people. I'm playing WoW, really, it's fun xD At least I'm not watching a tv the whole time of this winter break, no! I'm doing something creative (or not really) I'm discovering depths of Azeroth...Crap....ok....I'm playing computer games...LOL....ok it's pathetic, but what exactly can I do when all my friends went skiing or something and I can't because of this damned surgery, crap....Well, anyway yesterday there was a blackout, so I went back to one of passions which is reading books, lately on some boring lessons in school I've started reading "The Black Jewels Trilogy". So yesterday I was reading the second book in the trilogy - "Heir to the Shadows" and so I remembered how much I like first book and just about an hour ago I finished reading the third book...My dad said I'm crazy, reading over 800 pages but still living a normal life (normal life=sleeping a lot as always on weekends, eating with them, talking, helping when needed, doing chores I have to do and baking as every Saturday some kind of a cake) I was crying as always I really loved all of the characters, well at least Lucivar is ok...Just plz let it be April so the fourth book will come out...Ok, so I finished and after a week or so I visited few anime sites just to learn that new FMA chapter is comments...I really can't say anything right now after reading "Queen of the Darkness" and new chapter my mood is terrible...crap...Thanks god that my friend is coming back tomorrow, she will take me out of this stupid depression, she always does and then we will go shopping, hell yeah, I love this....and on Friday I'll be going on friend's concert, he's in a bad well all the guys in the band are my friends, it'll be fun. Oh, crap, and next week is Valentine's Day....I hate this day....Ah, well I'll make it, I always do, It'll be fine, right....right?

Addicted much...?

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I was away for a while now, first the last week before Christmas break I had a lot of projects and exams in school and then...I was playing World of Warcraft xD One day my friend in school told me that we could make a trial accounts there and play and I agreed and guess what IT IS ADDICTING AS HELL! Really if I wasn't preparing everything for Christmas/spending Christmas with my family I was playing WoW (well actually I was playing only at night, still too busy xD). I'm going to buy an account in February because it's winter break, no school, I'll have a lot of free time (and at least my grades won't get worse xD). Lol, yeah, it really is an amazing game ;P
Anyway I was away from the real world aka the Internet, so much happened then! O_O I missed two eps of FMA:B (royaish ones!) and a lot episodes of anime I'm currently watching. And while I was away WITCH-HUNT RELEASED AN ENGLISH PATCH TO UMINEKO EP 5! So that basically means that I'm going to be away for a next few days reading this Sound Novel xD and probably finishing the book I have to read for my history class. I saw that Simple People gaiden from FMA has been animated, it was great but besides fangirling about Riza's hair I'll go crazy also about...KYAAAAH!REBECCA IN THE ANIME! xD Yeah she didn't appear a lot in the manga but I really think she is great character (I mean her teasing Riza... xD) Ok, now I'm going to watch everything I didn't but should and visit all the sites I used o visit everyday but for the last two weeks I didn't xP
Have some fun with me, about How Battler stole Witchmas by 4chan's usersCollapse )

It's pissing me off aka Royai rant...

Arakawa het
First thing I thought was "o kurwa!" (a Polish exclamation something like oh fuck!) Now it's like, oh man, I still can't go over it, when I was reading this chapter tears just started flowing down, damn...I don't think he will get his eyesight back, really, I don't...Nah, this reminds me of the so damn crappy FMA movie... Ok, he can lose his sight (I mean it'll be a while since I'll get over it but in the end I will) but I swear if he is going to become so oh-so-angsty-emo I will go and kill some cows...Urgh, yeah, it is funny, about those forum talk "Roy losing eyes", damn it, some of you were right xP About Al...well, wow...Now I just wonder what did his body mean by it...Though at the second thought I like the idea of “A man who had a grand vision to save his country loses his eyesight,
forever unable to see what his beloved nation will become.”, well, a smart idea still very sad…
I hate cliffhanger, ever said that...
Go, go Scar! Take down this old bastard!
Oh, my, I just hope that Hoho has some plan...
A whole month of waiting, damn those cliffhangers…
Urgh, ok, I just realized I don't really make sense since everything I'm writing now is based on the emotions after reading the chapter...Will rant sometime later, maybe...
Yeah, I just copied thing I posted on FMA forum but that's what I'm thinking and that's what I wrote right after reading the chapter...Gosh, tomorrow is geography test and how do you expect me to think clearly after THIS?! I sure will fail this test...


Bday! ;D

Happy Birthday [info]auron_kale !!
Best wishes! I hope you'll have an amazing day today! ;D (hoh, but not only today ^^", you shall live your life to the fullest, so you can be always pleased with it~) Anyway happy bday :D


pipe hit
No, really, that's a serious question here...HAVE YOU EVER BEEN BIITEN BY A CAT IN YOUR HEAD? I mean I can't be the only one, right?! I know that something like this doesn't happen on a daily routine but still...Honestly!
Well, yeah, that's what happened to me today. My friend's cat called Eingard have bitten me in my head. Yeah, really, no kidding. He was clinging to my head desperately and I had really a hard time trying to take him off of my head...Yeah, this sounds funny, it had to look funny, a girl with a cat on her head -.- Goddamnit it's so pathetic. I'm such a loser. I'm the only person to whom something like this could happen -.- Yeah, anyway it's a miracle that I didn't faint with such amount of blood really, I touched my head and it was like "oh, blood" and them friends realized that actually my hand is covered in blood and my hair were red xP least I can't call this day boring >D
BTW, I know I can't draw but I just couldn't resist xPCollapse )



OHMIGODXD Ahem, finally found time to write something...
Comenius Project is over (at least for now), my friend Ivett is back in Hungary and I, after so damn busy days in school, found a free time to write about last week. So...Exactly a week ago people from school Apaczai from Hungary came here (also from another school in Hungary, from Romania, France, Italy and Spain). No one can imagine how stressed I was. Of course, just as my mom predicted, this stress was unreasonable. The girl was amazing I think we got along very fast and very well. I really like her and I hope she has similar feelings so after this visit she came back home happy. What we were doing? A various things. There was a '60s disco, we were watching in the film club a very stupid and old Polish movie, went on a trip to Auschwitz and Cracov and...guess what? That was the end... -.- They were here really way too short. Still I was enjoying it. I have met a lot of great people. The worst thing is that I'm on so many photos O_O (I hate photos, bleh). Really, I'm on so many photos that it's actually scary xP The worst thing is that the majority of them is going on facebook (if they're not already there). While thinking of it maybe I'll put some of them on my facebook too, there must something there, right? xP I have learnt so many words in so many languages (sadly I can't write them, only speaking) and I'm considering now Hungarian lessons >D
Anyway, right after their departure I had to come back to school RIGHT ON THE HISTORY EXAM and biology test >.< And I didn't study at all, well, only yesterday...So last two days were terrible. Still if I had to decide again I'd go through this once more only to have some fun with those people^^
On the other hand....Now I wonder, there is New Moon in the cinemas right now, shall I go and watch this? I don't want to offend any Twilight fangirls but I think those things Twilight-related are kind of well....a crap. It's oh-so crappy drama, it reminds me of Vampire Knight especially VK Guilty (I've seen only the anime version) this "I'm soooooo emo, just look at me but do not disturb my emoness". I'v tried reading a book, I failed. I mean Bella is crazy >.< I like fantasy and mystery and horror and romance but goddamnit vampires don't sparkle! >.< I watched 1st movie because of my fangirls-friends. Now I'm wondering out of curiosity about the second movie, where should be Bella's emoness all the way...Huh, masochistic much?
Hoooh, I shall start reading KnT manga because I just fell in love with the anime~

Mwahahaha *evil laugh is evil*

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Hell yeah, Hetalia~~~! What I mean is that finally, after 4 months, I finally can read first volume of Axis Powers Hetalia :D Yes! I just realized that Poland is the only country where Hetalia has been released besides Japan and China, lucky us ^^ With our edition comes iTalia mousepad, Feliciano's white flag, a poster and a badge and everything in a box that looks like Feliciano's bag^^ I don't like Feliciano much but it doesn't matter, does it? xP Anyway manga is much better than anime. I mean anime is full of fanservice for yaoi fangirls, well it's in manga too but there it's at least funny ...
Hah, I finally I ordered a FMA 2010 calendar (comic edition ofc) and "Again" by Yui~~ Today's not so bad day xD Hah, yeah, but now I have to write a speech for a rhetoric class (yeah, we have a rhetoric class, it's boring). I hate speeches, I always freak out. I hate talking to a big group of people, when everyone are looking at you...just at you...argh...scary....I hate it -.-
I would write more but I have work to do so I'm going now...

BTW, I have a Facebook account now xD No idea why I made an account there, just without a reason, just to have one I suppose, most of my friends don't have an account there so when to think about it, there was really no point in doing it... xP Ah, whatever~


*sigh of relief* Free day is love

Today is the Independence Day of Poland (and about this knows only Polish people and Hetalia hardcore fangirls/Felix' fangirls xD) so I've got an extra free day. So happy. Hah, yeah, patriotic much? Unfortunately it's not really so free since yesterday I learned that tomorrow is competition about China xP Well, only school's eliminations, so I wondered, why not try and participate, so yeah, here I am now studying about Chinese history, geography and culture. I do know something but not so much, of course if I would know earlier I would prepare better and take it as serious business but right now it's just for fun. You know, the one who will win is going to China~ Like hell I'll win xD
Lately, I've been getting more and more interested in baking...and things I’m baking are actually tasty, mwahaha, baking as my new purpose..? xD Who knows...
Earlier, I was writing about Socrates-Comenius project, you know, it actually starts next week. Yeah, next week girl from Hungary is going to come here and stay with me for 5 days^^ I'm excited. Too bad that just a week ago I got an information that some other girl is going to come, not the one I was talking with via email for a month now xP It's not so bad both of them seems nice, a new one think we are going to get along very well.
Anyway, chapter 101 is out for few days already and I haven't ranted about it yet. So why not do it know, at least it won't be only fangirling about epicness (because it’s been few days and now I can think clearly), or will it? It's not like I have something to do or anything… *cough*China*cough* Uhm, yeah or maybe I have…Maybe I'll just leave chapter 101 (and ep 31) for Friday or tomorrow...Yes, at least I've got a plan xP

BTW, I have to write a song or make a movie about Newton's laws of motion...well, crap...